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This deviation was deleted

Well this is my first Critique I think traditional art is the one field I can write a critique for. You are my friend. So I don't wanna be mean.

Alright lets start with the positives. Okay? :D

The eyes really pop out. Like really and the eye brows too. It almost makes it look perfect.

The shading in the eyes are very nice and very well done. I love that.

The face curves perfectly and the way you drew the eyes and mouth are very nice.

I love that.

The body pose everything is alined and that's a good thing. Sometimes I struggle with that.

I love the hair it's very hard to draw curly hair. But, here you tackled it head on.

Okay now that that is done. It's time for the negitives.

Everything else looks amazing and perfect but what I would have done is. I would have put in more shading toward the hair. You wanna get in some highlights. And it's not only the eyes that should be showing shading.

Geeze I had the same art teacher chewed my head off.

So I think what you would wanna do is start working on shading. Find that light like you did in the eyes and really start focusing on that and it will make everything really pop out.

For sure it's just a suggestion. I mean if that what you were looking for more power to you. :iconmoesmileplz:

But that is what I would have done.

Besides that everything is great. Well done. This is truely a beautiful piece.
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